NMC RTuffCapp, Capping Rubber is a black, premium grade, wear resistant 70 Duro EPDM Rubber extrusion designed for use as a wear protection capping on structural steel stringer bars on screen decks on vibrating screening equipment.

NMC stock an full range of Capping rubber ensuring short lead times. Capping Rubber is a flexible profiled strip, available in a range of different profiles, used to grip onto the top of standard stringer bar designs to protect both the stringer bar itself and the underside of screens from wear and damage. Capping Rubber has excellent physical properties for outdoor equipment applications. It is both UV stable and is resistant to ozone effects and weathering.

Available Sizes

We manufacture Rubber stringer bar capping in stock sizes to suit 6mm, 10mm, 12mm and 16mm bars, in lengths up to 30m. We offer 15, 20 and 30 Meter rolls.


Capping Rubber is primarily designed for the wear protection of stringer bars and screens on vibrating screening equipment in the Mining, Quarrying and Mineral and Metals processing industries but can be used be used for any protection capping applications.

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