Submerged Arc Welding Technology (SAWT) Tuffclad Chromium Carbide Overlay

NMC has excellent quality CCO plate and weld wires. The microstructure of Cr7C3 carbide volume fraction is 50% or more, which makes it one of the reliable CCO Liners on the market. The CCO range also comes in Niobium enriched composition to provide additional abrasion resistance.

The CCO plates can be countersunk, counterbored, manufactured to complex profiles, fabricate and roll pipes, wear bands, and sieve plates. TuffClad Pro is perfectly suitable for hard facing applications, which require impact resistance, high abrasion resistance, and the ability to withstand higher temperatures up to 750°C.

TuffClad Pro range includes HTCC, which is manufactured with a mix of Tungsten, Chromium Carbides, and Boron Carbides in a Nickel and Silicon matrix.

The TuffClad Pro Bucket loader wear plates (CCO) will outlast quenched and tempered steels by up to 12 times and white iron by up to 4 times.

The wear plates maintain the efficiency of chutes, bins, hoppers, buckets, and other material handling equipment as it is quickly polished by abrading materials.


We suggest using TuffClad CCO Smooth Top Finish for most applications, especially fines, high abrasion, hang up, sticky ore and medium impact applications.

The advantages are that they can be fastened through countersunk bolts, counterbored holes, and studs. Supplied in 1MX1M plates in various thicknesses.

Ni Hard Billets – Liners – Buttons – Bars

Ni-Hard is a well-established white iron product alloyed with nickel and chromium to give significant abrasion and impact resistant properties. The structure of Ni-Hard is composed of iron and chromium carbides, fixed in a matrix rendered martensitic by the nickel content. This structure allows NiHard to be utilised in abrasive and high impact conditions found throughout the construction, mining, manufacturing and mineral processing industries.

Ni-Hard material also comes in hard skirt format with different shapes and sizes depending on the application. Theadditional chromium content enables the skirts to withstand extended and continuous abrasion in the application.

Tensile Strength 630 Mpa (min)
Shearing Strength 250 Mpa (min)
Hardness 63 HRC

Our Ni-Hard products include billets and liner plates that can be made to the customers’ specification or supplied from our range of stock sizes. Our Ni-Hard products can be custom designed to meet any situation regardless of any size and shape concerns. We can also supply cut and shaped liners to be strategically placed on fixed plant equipment so that a unique wear package can be created, maximising wear life. This makes Ni-Hard the perfect material for chutes, drop boxes, bin and hopper liners.

Water Ingress Test

We primarily supplies cast billet and liner plates produced to the Ni-Hard 4 specifications. However, we can produce billets and liner plates from the following alloys on special request:

  • Ni-Hard 1 & 2
  • 27 Chrome Alloy
  • 15/3 White Iron


  • Other sizes can be made on request.
  • Liners can be cut to size on request.
  • Bolts/Nuts/Washers are available on request.
  • Holes are to suit M20 fishtail bolt


Bi-metallic Wear Bars – are a combination of high chrome white iron that is bonded to a mild steel backing plate.

Laminated Wear Blocks are unique wear resistant materials in that they combine very high wear resistant qualities of white iron (ASTM A532 15/3CrMo, 700BHN – 63HRc) with a weldable & high impact toughness mild steel through a metallurgical bond to create a product that has an exceptional resistance to impact and abrasion.

The mild steel is easily weldable with limited preparation and acts as a support for the white iron, assisting with impact and abrasion in the most extreme applications. Wear bars offer excellent protection for heavy earthmoving machinery that provides the ultimate abrasion resistance for your machinery.

Areas of use include

  • Loader bucket
  • GET on the buckets
  • Vibrating screens
  • Crusher Spider caps
  • Crusher Spider Arm
  • Discharge Chutes
  • Hoppers
  • Rock Boxes
  • Excavator Buckets
  • Loader Buckets
  • Dragline Buckets
  • Face Shovel Buckets


WEAR Chocky Bars are available in a wide range of sizes to fit all of your unique applications and are an inexpensive, effective protection alternative to expensive, labour intensive, hard facing welding methods. Easy to use, cut and shape over contoured surfaces. There is also no pre-heating or post heating required when welding WEAR Chocky Bars into place.

Applications for WEAR Chocky Bars are wide and varied, ranging from wear protection on buckets for loaders, excavators, draglines machines, pump housings, impellors, and hute/hopper linings to hammer tips for recycling industry.

Mechanical Properties of Chocky Bars


  • Ease of use and installation, can be formed over bends and curved surfaces.
  • Significant increase in wear life when compared to AR plates, Chrome-carbide plates and hard facing.
  • Less downtime and maintenance on worn parts.
  • Very cost effective due to extended wear life compared to hard facing and overlays.


  • Bucket wear strips.
  • Replaces hard facing for augers, directional drill heads, foundation drilling, raise bore drilling.
  • Fan blade liners.
  • Pugmill paddles, tip and scrapers.
  • Recycling industry.
  • Road planer skids and pick protectors.
  • Replaces hard facing for pump housings and impellors.


WEAR DONUTS are often effectively used on a variety of buckets,loaders, excavators, earth moving equipment, draglines and bolt protection etc.

With any layout of pattern designed to suit your particular wear area, we can provide maximum protection and security while minimizing the effects of heavy impact.

Wear Donuts and Wear Buttons can be made to different sizes as required


Designed especially for chutes, bins, transfer points & hoppers which handle and store ne, crusher ores

When these Micro Ledges are installed in multiple rows on the sub straight they create a Dead Bed/Rock Box effect. Ore gets trapped in the ledge & you then get an ore on ore wear effect virtually eliminating wear from the sub straight

Benefits of our Micro Ledges include:

  • Light weight & easily installed to conventional liners. These can be welded, bolted or
  • Different rent sizes allow for unique configurations
  • Reduces the need for extra wear plate inventory on sub straight walls, providing a cost effective solution
  • 700BHN Micro ledge reduces wear at the edge of the ledge


Grizzly Bars are usually located in the primary screen and used in heavy-duty applications to remove unwanted materials. Grizzly Bars are manufactured using two of the most common steel types: cast manganese and alloyed steel. Our Grizzly Bars are uniquely designed for easy installation and longest wear life. Inspired by our clients and tested in the field, Unicast Vibrating Grizzly Bars are tapered to reduce product buildup and feature a rounded surface in high-wear areas for longer wear life.

Applications include:

  • Separate unwanted materials before processing
  • Scalping
  • High tonnage

Features & Benefits

  • Cast in manganese steel alloy (M2) – no welds to crack! Save maintenance costs with fewer part change outs.
  • Tapered design to reduce buildup.
  • Rounded surface in high-wear areas for longest wear life
  • Easy to install.
  • Single and segmented bars
  • Manufactured using a high intensity molding process, Grizzly Bars are resistant to crack propagation and are built to
    endure a longer life.
  • Cast products feature a taper to the panel.
  • Provides self-cleaning properties for increased screening capacity.
  • Step decks promote an easy tumbling motion of material to ensure an efficient rate of flow.


Rock Box liners are made from high chrome white iron and mild steel backing plate and are used to create a rock-box effect on fixed plant applications such as chutes, impact walls and hoppers. NMC Rock Box Liners offers a very cost effective, extremely long wear life alternative.

Material Specification – Abrasion Resistant Chrome White Iron, ref ASTM A532 ROCKBOX LINER – DURATRAP

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