NMC offers a range of DuraRoll rollers in various materials and sizes. Our rollers adapt to any type of frame, and we specialize in retrofitting idlers and rollers. We manufacture to suit the dimensions of your current frames by using our retrofit roller.

We deliver high-performance Idlers & Conveyor Component with an efficient production unit overseas, processing and warehousing facilities in Australia, and a global distribution network.

Our manufacturing unit has been producing rollers since 1995. Servicing a vast range of industries, you will benefit from our strengths in industry experience, reasonable lead times, reasonable pricing real customer service and a commitment to exceeding our customer’s expectations in quality, service and innovation through continuous improvement and customer interaction.

With the capacity to produce up to 1000 rollers/day, our quick turnaround allows our customers to have minimal disruptions to their day to day operations.

We are proud to be Australian owned and operated, the rollers are manufactured in a strictly controlled environment that complies with Australian Mining Standards. We follow the best manufacturing practices and inspections methods with 1 in every 10 rolls tested throughout the production cycle.

Types of Rollers

  • Aluminum, Composite & Steel
  • Polyurethane Rollers
  • Rubber Lined Rollers
  • Taper Rollers
  • Guide Rollers
  • Garland Rollers
  • Special designs - Solid bearing housings, live shaft idlers
  • Shafting machined and drawn as standard
  • HDPE / UHMW / NYLON Rollers
  • Hollow shaft
  • HDPE Sleeved
  • PU & Rubber Disc Returns
  • 89 to 250mm diameter
  • 6204 to 6312 bearings
  • Bearings - SKF, FAG, NSK or URB

Standard Components of Rollers

  • Roller Shell
  • Shaft
  • Bearing Housing
  • Bearings
  • Sealing Clips
  • Circlip
  • Impact Rings

Manufacturer of Heavy-Duty Conveyor Rollers

  • Carrying Idlers
  • Return Idlers
  • Impact Idlers
  • Self-Aligning Rollers
  • Roller Frames and Brackets

Roller Shell


Bearing Housing

The bearing is placed behind the Housing Guard, fully concealed and encapsulated. This will avoid any water ingress. The smooth surface of the housing guard provides for the optimal operation of the centrifugal seal.

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