Ceramic Mats, Composite Ceramic Liners & Direct Bond Tiles

Our ceramic range CeraTuff has three different alumina composition products (92%, 95% and ZTA) to suit the various mining applications.

Ceramic wear liners range include composite ceramic liners or Steel backed and studded as per requirements. We also have a range of moulded ceramic in rubber with CN backing. The liners can be customized depending on the application.

The composite ceramic liners have superior wear resistance. Liners comprising of high alumina ceramics and energy-absorbing rubber cushions which are more impact resistant. These features will also extend the wear life of your production line, and reduce maintenance and downtime.

Our composite ceramic products (Rubber) can be supplied in FRAS and be made to comply with Oil Resistant requirements.

Technical Data of the Rubber

Technical Data of the Rubber

Composite Ceramic Liners With Steel Backing Plate & Studs

CeraTuff Composite Ceramic Liners are moulded with a steel backing plate and studs are welds on the steel plate.

Composite Ceramic Liners With Steel Backing Plate & Studs

Available Sizes

Customized sizes are available.

Ceramic rubber liners with countersunk are also available

Ceratuff Ceramic Tile Directly Bonded On To The Steel Plate With Studs

Rubber Backed Ceramic Liners

CeraTuff rubber Backed Ceramic Liners can be supplied in both with CN Bonding Layer and buff back. Liner with bonding layer can be bonded to parent metal directly by adhesive.

Customized sizes and configuration available as per request.

Our range of CeraTuff composite ceramic products (Rubber) can be supplied in FRAS and be made to comply with Oil Resistant requirements.

Technical Data – Ceramic Rubber Liner with FRAS Oil Resistant Rubber.

Direct Bond Tiles

Parameters that need to be taken into consideration when selecting the wear liner are:

  • Material Type or
  • Particle Size
  • Drop height
  • Sliding wear or impact wear, impact angle

Ceramic Magnetic Rubber Patch & Composite Ceramic Patch

NMC CMagTek Magnetic patch liners are designed for operational emergencies during processing. In case of any blown holes or leakages in the chutes, hoppers, bins, deflector plates etc. This is a safe, efficient & simple method of stopping spillage in fixed plant equipment. The ceramic magnet is encased in pre- engineered wear-resistant mining rubber and the handle is pre-moulded for ease of installation and removal. The magnet Patch is a simple and effective solution, the patch is positioned overblown the hole which will cover the area and avoid spillage.

Benefits include

  • Easy application
  • Downtime is eliminated
  • No need for any permits
  • Tools not required
  • Reduces clean up
  • No Maintenance required
  • The patches can be re-used
  • Abrasion and wear resistant
  • Available in sizes below and can be customised as per client’s requirements

CMAGTEK - Ceramic Magnetic Patch

16 x 165 x 165mm
16 x 165 x 300mm
16 x 300 x 300mm
38 x 165 x 165mm
38 x 165 x 317mm
38 x 165 x 216 mm

RMAGTEK - Rubber Magnetic Patch

20 x 165 x 165mm
20 x 165 x 300m
20 x 300 x 300mm

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