The use of rubber drill rod wipers in daily operations makes the drill rods safer and easier to handle while all rig personnel keep the rig floor clean and perform their assigned tasks. Rubber drill rod wipers are best used for rods and pipes that are involved in any surface and underground drilling operations. We are experts in customized tooling design and manufacture of high-quality engineered rubber products according to the specifications of our customers. Rubber drill rod wipers are manufactured out of a special rubber compound that has a higher cut and gouges resistance. The rubber used for rubber drill rod wipes may be made from natural rubber or Nitrile rubber compounds.

NMC Drill Rod Wipers come in different styles with a large selection of outside dimensions and virtually any drill rod size. We recommend the drill rod Wiper, hole size to be 6 to 10mm under the OD size of the drill pipe. If ordered by PIPE SIZE ONLY the hole will be furnished 10mm under pipe size. The tolerance on all holes in our wipers is + / – 3mm. Consult for the availability of other sizes, styles, and hole sizes.

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