Hammer & VSI Parts

We manufacture hammerheads for hammer crushers in Hi-Chrome white iron, Hi-Chrome with ceramic inlays, Mn steel and Mn steel with carbide inserts.

Hi-Chrome white Iron

Hammerheads made in Hi-Chrome white iron are commonly used for coal mining and other fine ores making industries. In these applications, the impact is limited with a small feeding size, but good wear resistance is required to withstand the high abrasion.

Hi-Chrome White Iron with Ceramic Inlays

Hi-Chrome white iron hammer can be inlaid with ceramics at the working area at corners. Ceramic increases the wear resistance of the hammer, as a result, the wear life of the hammer can be highly extended, to the extent of 3 times.

Mn Steel Hammer with Carbide Inserts

Hammers are made in Mn-steel for primary crushers where the impact is very severe, such as crushing limestones in cement plants and recycling plants. The Mn steel hammer can be inserted with carbide columns to increase wear resistance without compromising the strength.

VSI Wear Parts

We manufacture anvils & impellers in hi-chrome white iron and white iron with ceramic inlay. Anvils and impellers are the key parts in VSI but suffering the most severe wear in the crusher. With ceramics inlaid on the most wearing areas, the service life is optimized.

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