Rubber is the most common type of pulley lagging as it is one of the most affordable conveyor component options. Rubber is a versatile material that varies in thickness, hardness and type of grooves. The two main types of rubber lagging are:

Plain Rubber Lagging for non-drive pulleys to provide better traction for the conveyor belt. One of the benefits of this option is that it won’t excessively increase the friction that could cause the belt to wear faster.

Diamond/Herringbone/Chevron Grooved Rubber Lagging is ideal for pulleys that require more friction on the conveyor belt. The diamond grooves on rubber provide added flexibility to move and bend with the conveyer belt. Another advantage of diamond grooved rubber lagging is that it sheds water off the pulley to prevent slippage.

We can offer diamond pulley lagging in both, Buff back and CN bonding layer. It is easy to install with minimum wastage and economical price. It has High wear resistance and increased friction coefficient between the drum and belt

Diamond Groove Pulley Available Dimensions – Roll Length

Selecting the correct pulley lagging will increase the friction, preventing the belt from slipping. This helps to increase the life of your belt, especially for applications that require high rotation speeds. Quality conveyor components are an investment to your business, as it reduces the wear on equipment and maximizes the value of your application.

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