Looking to improve the performance of your conveyor belt so that it maintains efficiency for a prolonged period?

Removing carry back effectively and efficiently, primary conveyor belt cleaners are a simple yet highly effective solution to enhance material flow performance. NMC’s complete line of conveyor Pre –Engineered Poly belt scrapers solve conveyor material carry-back problems.

Product specifications

Width of the belt
Up to 96 in (up to 2400 mm)
Belt Speed
Up to 1500 fpm (up to 7.5 m/s)
Pulley Diameter
More than 48 in (more than 1200 mm)
Between -0 degrees C and 90 degrees C
Corrosive Conditions
Underground Applications
Compatible with Reversing Belts or Roll Back
Accommodates Mechanical Splices

Commonly used types of belt cleaning devices, area of use and function

Primary scraper/cleaner, Heavy Duty Primary Scraper
A primary scraper is normally positioned against the drive drum immediately below the flow of material.
Secondary Scraper
Is that they are installed immediately behind the drive pulley.
Reversible scraper
Secondary Reversible Scraper is an effective, flexible solution that is also suitable for reversing conveyor belts. The cartridge blade system allows for easy blade change-outs
Secondary Tungsten Carbide Tip Belt Cleaner Belt brush cleaner
Brush scraper/cleaners are an inexpensive method for cleaning chevron belts, this is an inexpensive method for cleaning chevron belts.
Finger scraper
A serrated finger scraper, with flexible polyurethane blades, which easily fill in around the profile of the chevrons, offers good overall levels of belt cleaning. Different finger lengths, tips and configurations are available to optimize the cleaning process.
V-Plough Belt Cleaner (Return Belt Cleaner)
V Plough Scraper comes with specially formulated polymeric blades that give maximum life, and keep the possibility of damage to belt repairs, splices and metal fasteners to a minimum. Its blade design ensures an optimum combination of flexibility and stiffness to adapt to belt profile.

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