NMC offers a range of DuraRoll rollers in various materials and sizes. Our rollers adapt to any type of frame, and we specialize in retrofitting idlers and rollers. We manufacture to suit the dimensions of your current frames by using our retrofit roller.

We deliver high-performance Idlers & Conveyor Component with an efficient production unit overseas, processing and warehousing facilities in Australia, and a global distribution network.

Roller Shell

a) ERW (IS-1249)
b) Seamless (ASTM-A106B)


a) Jindal
b) Tata

Tensile Strength

a) ERW – 401
b) Seamless – 415


a) ERW – 4 years
b) Seamless – 5 years


a) ERW- A,B,C
b) Seamless – B & C

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