PTuff Skirt, Conveyor polyurethane Skirting to create an effective seal automatically. One of the most important jobs of the load point is to provide a seal that prevents material spillage and controls dust. Conveyor polyurethane skirt is specially designed to create an effective sealing at load points without damaging the top cover of your belt.

Polyurethane conveyor skirting is stocked in standard width strips or can be custom moulded to specific shapes. NMC cab supply Polyurethane Skirt in 60, 70 and 80 duro:

  • High wear and abrasion resistance, high tear resistant
  • Provides effective sealing on any speed belt.
  • Reduces dust leakage and Wear resistant.
  • Low contact pressure, Long life, Belt friendly.
  • Toughness - Tensile strength
  • Easy to install
  • High load bearing ability
  • Mechanical properties
  • High Durabilty
  • Reduces dust leakage
  • Low pressure contact
  • Resistance to water, oil, grease
  • Cost effectiveness

TDS – Poly Skirting

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