The PolyTuff polyurathane Liners, are designed for use in impact, abrasive, low temperature, and gritty environments, resulting in a material with elasticity and memory with a large range of hardnesses. Ideal in locations where material impact, impingement wear and directional changes are causing excessive wear or material deflection is required. The Urethane hardness used for wear paltes and liners ranges from 70A to 75D depending on the flexibility needed for the application.

Sheet And Applications

  • Conveyor wear strips
  • Guide Rails
  • Bearings, Bushes
  • Chute linings
  • Pipe for distribution of slurry materials
  • Other components requiring maximum abrasion resistance and impact strength and a low friction coefficient Standard polyurethane sheet provided in standard sizes can be custom cut on site to suit shapes needed Counterbore / drilling tool is used to cut custom hole patterns on site

Main Advantages

  • Low density and easy machinability
  • High toughness (also at low temperatures)
  • Very good electrical and dielectric properties
  • Very low water absorption
  • Good protection against stress cracking
  • Food safe
  • Low steam permeability
  • Low coefficient of friction and high abrasion resistance
  • Very high surface release properties – promotes flow

Urethane covered bolts are used to secure the panels in place. Also available in pre-cast custom sizes or shapes


NMC Magtek Poly liners are designed to be lined in the chutes, hoppers,bins, deflector plates etc. This is a safe, efficient & simple method of
installing the liners.The magnet is encased in Pre-Engineered wear-resistant Poly and is premoulded.The magnet Liners a simple and effective solution.

Benefits include:

  • Easy application
  • Downtime is eliminated
  • No need for any permits
  • Tools not required
  • Reduces clean up
  • No Maintenance required
  • The patches can be re-used
  • Abrasion and wear resistant
  • Available in sizes below and can be customised as per client’s requirements

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